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Customers have virtually unlimited options at their fingertips. You need to engage them, but keeping up in an always-changing technology landscape feels impossible.

Insight has decades of experience and deep retail expertise to help you overcome pain points and tackle your ambitious IT goals.

We’ll help you address critical roadblocks
and achieve your goals, including:

  • Automation
  • Customer experience & personalization
  • Digital strategy
  • Device management
Cafe customer uses watch to pay for goods

Impress your customers with smart experiences.

Integrating transformative technology into your physical and digital locations will help your business stand out with intuitive and memorable experiences that grow revenue and earn customer loyalty.

Our end-to-end solutions elevate how customers interact with your brand. We’ll help you leverage virtual and augmented reality for personalized mobile shopping, implement personalized assistance and pricing, and enable product customization.

Restaurant customer uses QR code to view menu digitally

Building convenience into the heart of your shops

Despite the popularity of ecommerce, physical retail storefronts continue to make up a significant portion of business sales. To stand out from the crowd, you need to integrate modern equipment that gives customers convenience and keeps them engaged.

We’ll work with you to incorporate the latest devices that drive brand awareness and customer loyalty — from digital signage that draws shoppers into stores to point-of-sale and checkout machines.

Retail customer on tablet device in clothing store

Mobile-first shopping

Today, shopping goes beyond brick-and-mortar storefronts and happens at users’ convenience — anywhere, anytime and from any device. We’ll help you put the right cloud and data center infrastructure in place to support buying trends, including spikes in traffic and seasonal fluctuations.

Incorporating mobile devices in your business frees employees from traditional, fixed cash registers — so they can facilitate purchases, check stock and serve customers throughout the store. Insight Managed Mobility can equip you with secure and reliable devices to make that a reality.

Creating tailored dining experiences

In food service, it’s all about the customer experience. Could your business benefit from iPad® menus or mobile ordering apps? Perhaps you want a tablet-based POS restaurant system. Our IT professionals will help you make a proactive decision.

Young woman with a friend placing order to waiter holding digital tablet computer.

At-table ordering

Empower your patrons to order and pay directly from their tables. It’s possible with iPad and Microsoft Surface® at-table ordering.

Waiter using digital tablet computer as POS system for checkout at table

Mobile checkout

Want to reduce the burden on your staff and open tables faster? Mobile checkouts are a rising trend in restaurant technology services.

Data center router with plugins connected

A secure data center

Chain restaurants require unique data center solutions that are safeguarded against intrusions. We’ll help protect your bottom line.

Smiling cafe workers use tablet device to better serve customers

Level up your digital strategy.

Online stores are only one component of your digital strategy. Modern retail technology solutions expand digital experiences to include purchases through social media, selling driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and headless commerce.

The retail industry is growing — and we can help you keep pace with a digital strategy fit for tomorrow’s customers.

Woman using touch screen in retail store

Automation in the retail industry

In this fast-paced industry, you don’t have time for tedious tasks that bog you down. Automation gives you the ability to streamline processes and free hands, giving you time back to focus on the big picture.

Insight’s automation solutions span from inventory management to demand forecasting — driving increased efficiency at each step. We’ll work with you to adopt an automation strategy in high-impact areas of your organization.

A partner with experience and expertise

Between managing your existing technology and delivering new experiences, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. We’ll help you prioritize and achieve your goals.

Two small business owners on tablet device in store

A consultative approach

Together, we’ll develop a strategy to optimize your business with meaningful technology solutions so you can focus on growth.

Florist on laptop computer in shop

Streamlined procurement

Acquiring technology should be easy. A myInsight account unifies management and purchasing — saving you time and money.

Small business owner on phone and laptop in clothing store

Affordable IT refresh

A limited budget shouldn’t hinder innovation. Our leasing and financing plans help you upgrade technology while managing costs.

John Varvatos rocks retail with Insight.

See how we took a rock-and-roll brand and integrated technology to empower its workforce with customer information and the tools needed to serve shoppers better.

John Varvatos rocks retail IT with Insight

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