Tableau Cloud

Empower smarter decisions with fast, flexible, easy analytics with Tableau Cloud, available from Insight.

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Tableau Cloud capabilities

With intelligent tools that answer critical business questions, you’ll make data-driven decisions with greater confidence.

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Faster, smarter decisions

Text Automation tools that answer the “why” behind your information simplify analytics for teammates across your entire organization.

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Integrated data insights

Tableau Cloud seamlessly embeds into your products, applications and workflows, empowering end-users to pursue data-driven outcomes.

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Robust security features

Single sign-on makes access seamless while also ensuring that only authorized users can interact with your data and dashboards.

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Meet Tableau Cloud, the new Tableau Online.

The Tableau Cloud platform streamlines and accelerates business decision-making. You’ll unlock the power to prepare, analyze, collaborate, publish and share data insights — at any time, from anywhere.

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Tableau Online helps you connect and thrive.

Maintain live connections to Amazon Redshift and Google BigQuery. Connect to other cloud-hosted data sources, such as Salesforce® and Google Analytics, with scheduled refreshes. Or push data from inside your company to Tableau Online so it's easy for others to access.

Stay organized. Refresh data on set schedules and get alerts when data connections fail. Share dashboards and data securely with your extended team. A cloud solution enables them to sign-in from any browser, whether team members have access to your company's internal network or not.

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