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Dropbox Business

Dropbox Business is a powerful collaboration platform layered with admin features that allow you to securely store, access and share your most important business files.

Bring it all together.

Cut the hassle of trying to keep everyone on the same page. See how Dropbox Business brings it all together, giving you a single platform for files, devices and teams.

6 reasons to upgrade to Dropbox Business

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Secure platform to share large files & collaborate

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Mobile access from anywhere, anytime

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Visibility into and control over what’s shared

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One bill for all of your team’s accounts

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Quick and painless migration

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Unlimited storage

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Dropbox Business security and compliance

Dropbox keeps file sharing secure with regular risk assessments, compliance monitoring, secure data transfer, encryption and more. Discover how Dropbox Business keeps your data safe and your privacy protected with advanced security and compliance features.

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Security made simple

With extensive physical, local and network protection at its source — and a customizable user interface — Dropbox Business makes total security the standard.

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