Power up your storage.

From entry-level to enterprise-grade innovation, Dell offers a full suite of servers for every business need. Choose from a broad portfolio the server that meets your flexibility and performance requirements.

All-in-one server solution


Gain an all-in-one solution and a range of performance options for your organisation's server needs.

Control multiple servers in one place


Get an ideal solution to control multiple servers from one place and conserve space.

Server management


Simply streamline your server management, control costs and meet your organisation's needs.

Dell PowerEdge Tower Server

Improve efficiency with tower servers.

Now, your file storage can be easy, fast and convenient. Entry-level models of PowerEdge Tower Servers are compact — ideal for small businesses or your remote workforce. Advanced PowerEdge Tower Servers come with two-socket performance and massive storage capacity.

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Dell PowerEdge R410 Server, PowerVault MD3200i Storage Array, and PowerConnect 5524p Switch

Gain speed with advanced rack servers.

Consolidate your data and drive applications fast with Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers. You choose what you need, from entry-level models to premium. Advanced models come with two-socket power, dense virtualisation and an optimal mix of memory, storage and processing power.

Seeking the ultimate workload efficiency? Features such as in-chassis storage, virtualisation and internal storage mix with scalable processing. The result: lightning-fast applications and room to grow.

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Dell Modular Infrastructure blades product

Adapt with modular infrastructure.

Dell Modular Infrastructure blades and chassis/enclosure solutions allow you to quickly adapt to your dynamic workloads. Each server includes dedicated hosting, web serving, private clouds, analytics and data centre virtualisation.

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